How I Spent My Summer Vacation

Hi. My name is Lawrence Philp. I am writing this blog on the off chance that it will be read and looked at. This summer I took the chance of building a table for my painting studio; you know a rolling tabouret, complete with shelving space under the table to ease the space and have a place to store essentials and a tabletop to mix paint, keep brushes, water and paint in use. I paint on the wall and need the foot space which up until now is always cluttered with wooden crates, solvents, acrylic mediums and miscellaneous items that have yet to be organized. My summer of getting organized was exemplified by getting rid of clutter and working ( painting) in a space which was never organized; working on the clutter and the mess while making paintings on the painting wall is what I have been up to for most of the summer.

I am writing this blog to answer some questions about my work and my involvement with painting for the last 40 years ( plus or minus). The following photos are illustrative of the summer events I am speaking about. “And so it goes.”